Hi, I’m Zeff and this is my website. This is a portfolio site for my work in multimedia.



I originally attended UNC Asheville back in 2002. During that time I was in the Multimedia Arts Program. I mostly worked on graphic and print art with a little bit of website design. Most of the print work I did was for self promotion. See, I was in a band all this time and I would create flyers and websites for that band. Eventually it paid off (with the help of the music too) and the band gained momentum. In the end the band was Signed to a major label and I withdrew from school pursue a career in music.

However, that career has ended and I am back at UNC Asheville finishing up that degree in Multimedia Art… or New Media as the major is called today.

Here is a small gallery of what I was up to before coming back to UNC Asheville.